Medigus' MUSE™ Procedure for the Treatment of GERD Now Available in Germany

OMER, Israel, May 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medigus Ltd. (TASE:MDGS), a medical device company developing minimally invasive endosurgical tools and a leader in direct visualization technology, announced today the third MUSE™ procedure in a three-month period was completed in Germany. Renowned gastroenterologist, Professor Doctor Karel Caca at the Clinic for Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Haemato-Oncology, Diabetes and Infectious Disease, recently adopted this new technology to offer his patients the most innovative care. The Medigus Ultrasonic Surgical Endostapler, or MUSE, is an incisionless procedure for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

"By offering the MUSE procedure, my patients now have a less invasive option for the long-term treatment of GERD," said Dr. Caca. "The reduced recovery time and reported improvement in symptoms makes it a favorable treatment option."

Medigus has merged recent technological breakthroughs into a single platform with MUSE. The device is fully integrated with leading microvisual, ultrasonic and stapling technology, and therefore allows a single physician or surgeon to perform fundoplication (stapling of the upper part of the stomach, or fundus, to the lower esophageal sphincter), thereby offering a long-term, potentially permanent solution for GERD.

"We're happy to announce that MUSE is now available in Germany and pleased to be working with Dr. Caca," said Chris Rowland, CEO of Medigus. "MUSE is not only a revolutionary new interventional therapy option that is less-invasive for patients, it may also be a more cost-effective option since shorter hospital stays are expected."

Researchers estimate that about 30% of adults in Germany suffer from GERD, and one in ten suffers persistent symptoms several times a weeki. MUSE has the potential to improve GERD-related quality of life for many of them by addressing the root cause of the disorder, not just offering symptom relief, which many drug therapies do.

Medigus' MUSE is FDA cleared and CE marked for the treatment of GERD, and is currently being introduced in key markets across Europe and the U.S. Plans are also in development for distribution in Asia in the next few years.