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Medigus Sold Micro Cameras to Two Leading Defense Organizations

 The company is engaged in advanced negotiations with several defense organizations for new R&D defense projects

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Medigus Receives First Substantial Commercial Order for its Integrated Visualization Device

The company completed additional milestone in the agreement with A.M. Surgical, Inc. The agreed payment for the milestone is $650,000

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Medigus to Invest $5 Million in Algomizer Group

The Investment is Part of the Company’s Strategy to Enhance the Company and Create Shareholders’ Value, the Company will Hold 17.9% at Algomizer Group

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Medigus to Establish with Linkury an E-Commerce Platform for CBD Products

 The Platform will Utilize Advanced Advertisement Technologies Developed by Linkury

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NASA Deploys Medigus’ micro ScoutCam™ Miniature HD Camera During Robotic Refueling Mission

Advanced CMOS camera to be launched into space to help broaden satellite servicing capabilities.

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Medigus Enters Orthopedic Market with New Development and Manufacturing Agreement for Integrated Visualization Device with A.M. Surgical Inc.

Project size $780,000
The integrated visuation device is designated to provide surgical control and visualization during endoscopic carpal tunnel releases; hundreds of thousands of procedures performed annually in the United States.

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