Medigus Stock

Where does Medigus trade?

Medigus commenced trading of its American Depositary Shares (ADSs) represented by American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) through The Bank of New York Mellon, on May 20, 2015 under “MDGS”. Each ADR represents 100 ordinary shares of the Company. Ordinary shares also trade on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol "MDGS."

How do I convert my shares into the Company’s ADSs?

You should contact your broker or the company’s depositary bank, BNY Mellon: Arlene C. Villareal, Vice President BNY Mellon, Depositary Receipts Division Global Client Solutions Tel: 212-815-8162 or

How can I view Medigus ADS online?

Who is Medigus’ depository bank?

The depository bank is BNY Mellon.

How many shares of Medigus are outstanding?

Currently there are 249,950,000 shares outstanding.

How do I get copies of financial documents?

You can download or request hard copies of Medigus’ annual reports and SEC filings.

General Information

What year was Medigus founded?

Medigus Ltd was founded in Israel in 2000.

Where is Medigus headquartered?

Management is headquartered in California and Israel. Medigus has sales offices in California and Israel and R&D center in Omer, Israel

What is Medigus’ primary business focus?

Medigus is a medical device company specializing in developing minimally invasive endosurgical tools and highly innovative imaging solutions, such as our proprietary endoscopic device, the MUSE system, designed to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Shareholder Information

How do I contact Medigus Investor Relations?

For questions regarding Medigus, please contact:

David Carey of Lazar Partners,


Noam Yellin of SmarTeam, [contact in Israel]

What events are upcoming for Medigus?

For a full schedule of events, please click here

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Financial Data

What is Medigus’ fiscal year?

Medigus’ fiscal year ends on December 31.

How do I get a copy of Medigus’ latest Annual Report?

Medigus’ annual report is available for download on our website. To download a copy, click here