MUSE™ SYSTEM - See how it works

Medigus has designed and created an entire endoscopic system for intra-luminal treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Medigus' MUSE™ innovative endoscopy system for the treatment of GERD performs an anterior fundoplication in lieu of the current sugical procedure, but without opening the abdominal cavity. The MUSE™ endoscopy system is FDA cleared and CE marked.

MUSE system - Live procedure by Prof. Guido Costamagna, EndoLive Rome 2015, Italy

MUSE™ procedure by Dr. Ali Lankarani

Laparoscopic view of MUSE™ procedure

MUSE™ System procedure

The video is presenting the screen of the MUSE™ System, as is viewed by the physician during the course of a procedure. It is demonstrating the performance of a single stapling.

MUSE™ procedure by Dr. Ali Lankrani on News4JAX