The MUSE™ System has the following advantages:

  • A potentially more attractive treatment than either surgery or lifelong medication.
  • Less trauma to patient with no incisions.
  • The entire endoscope is disposable.

The distal tip of the MUSE™ endostapler includes several sophisticated innovative technologies such as a micro-camera, a surgical endostapler and an ultrasound sensor.

MUSE endostapler
  • MUSE™ complete endostapler designed to perform 270° loop at the distal section to perform an anterior partial fundoplication.
  • MUSE™ endostapler handle with all the controls needed for the MUSE™ procedure such that one doctor can perform the entire procedure alone, much like with a standard gastroscope.

The complete MUSE™ system includes the console and the endostapler.

SRS system for treatment of GERD