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Our products and services are protected by the following granted U.S. patents as well as their international counterparts and additional pending patent applicatications.

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USA 7,156,863 Fundoplication Apparatus and Method
Canada 2,403,013 Fundoplication Apparatus and Method
Germany DE60110761.6       Fundoplication Apparatus and Method
France 1,265,537 Minimally Invasive Fundoplication Device
United Kingdom      1,265,537 Minimally Invasive Fundoplication Device
Japan 4,477,280 Fundoplication Apparatus and Method
Israel 151,677 Fundoplication Apparatus and Method
New Zealand 521288 Fundoplication Apparatus and Method
USA 7,344,493 Ultrasonic Positioning
Israel 141,665 Ultrasonic Positioning
Mexico 241,445 Ultrasonic Positioning
Israel 147,501 A Surgical Stapler for Treatment of Cystocele, Rectocele, and Hemorrhoids
USA 7,369,176 Autoclavable Imager Assembly
Canada 2,531,797 Autoclavable Imager Assembly
Germany 603 48 063.2 Autoclavable Imager Assembly
Israel 156,715 Autoclavable Imager Assembly
France 1,642,451 Autoclavable Imager Assembly
United Kingdom 1,642,451 Autoclavable Imager Assembly
Ireland 1,642,451 Autoclavable Imager Assembly
USA 7,753,249 Surgical Stapling Device
Canada 2,568,498 A Stapling Device
Germany 5,703,235.1 Surgical Stapling Device
France 1,753,346 Surgical Stapling Device
United Kingdom 1,753,346 Surgical Stapling Device
Israel 162,187 Surgical Stapling Device
USA 7,874,980 Articulation Section
Israel 182,132 An Improved Articulation Section
USA 7,841,503 An Endoscopic Device Comprising Linear Staplers and a Video Camera on its Distal End
USA 8,678,994 Devices and Methods for Treating Morbid Obesity
USA 7,959,052 Endoscopic Stapler Having Camera
Israel 176,133 Stapler
USA 7,530,984 A Transgastric Mmethod for Carrying Oout a Partial Fundoplication
USA 7,841,347 Method of Performing Surgical Procedures on Patients Suffering from Hiatal Hernia
USA 8,657,175 A Medical Device Comprising Alignment Systems for Bringing Two Portions Into Alignment